Society Projects

The society runs a number of projects that support the History Society’s aims.  Some of our larger projects have dedicated pages, which can be accessed via the sites menus.

Digital Archive

Starting with the creation of this website, we aim to get our collection of images, documents and audio files converted to a digital format and stored online for everyone to access. We recently purchased Community Chest archiving software and are currently cataloging and scanning many of the documents we have to make them accessible via the Community Chest database. We are always keen to accept new material for our archives either as the original or as a digital copy.

Bulb Planting 2018

In 2018 with the help of Harrietsham In Bloom we planted 100 Nerine Bulbs in the War Memorial Garden in the existing flower bed on West side, these should produce a lovely display of Pink flowers every year in November for Remembrance Sunday.

Taking Oral History

We would like to talk to anyone who has lived in the village for a long time and who have memories of past events and would be happy for us to record these although this is in the planning stage at the moment please let us know if you can help us.

Please use the contact page.