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As we get back to normality our meetings page will be updated. 

Society Events 2021

On Monday 15th November we manged to hold a short AGM which included the presentation of the accounts, the re-election of the existing officers and the election of a new committee member Mike Bishop. The future of the society was discussed, and It was agreed to keep the £15.00 yearly membership fee and to proceed with organising some bi-monthly meetings with speakers for 2022. Most of the members present were in favour of holding these meetings in the afternoon with perhaps one evening meeting in the summer. The society secretary Carole presented information on some very interesting subjects which include: – The SS Montgomery – The ship which lies sunken 200 yards off the Northern Coast of the Ilse of Sheppy, Smuggling on the South Coast, Eva Braun – Victim or Contriver and HMS Victory & the Battle of Trafalgar. Everyone agreed Carole should proceed with contacting some of these speakers to ascertain their availability as soon as possible. Details of the meeting dates and subjects will hopefully be available on our website early in the new year.