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Speaker line up for 2022 

Society Events 2022

Monday 21st March – Scout Hut, Station Road @ 14:00, this is our workshop meeting during which we sort through Photos and Documents.  Please do come along and support us.

Monday 16th May – Scout Hut, Station Road, Harrietsham – Stuart Bligh, with the story of William Harrison the Captain of a Clipper Ship.  William is buried in St. John’s Harrietsham.

Monday 18th July – Scout Hut, Station Road, Harrietsham – Melanie Gibson-Barton, with her talk on Eva Braun titled “Eva Braun—Victim or Contriver”.

Tuesday 27th September – Ambrose Hall Harrietsham Village Hall – Colin Harvey, with his talk on the SS Richard Montgomery the ship which sank in the Thames estuary on the 20th August 1944. 

 Tuesday 29th November – Afternoon Meeting 2pm—4pm.  The Story of Captain John Quilliam 1st Lieutenant HMS Victory